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Audio Processing Techniques like Play an Audio, Plot the Audio Signals, Merge and Split Audio, Change the Frame Rate, Sample Width and Channel, Silence Remove in Audio, Slow down and Speed up audio

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Why this tutorial ???

Many people are doing projects like Speech to Text conversion process and they needed some of the Audio Processing Techniques like

  • Play an audio
  • Plot the Audio Signals
  • Merge and Split Audio Contents
  • Slow down and Speed up the Audio — Speed Changer
  • Change the Frame Rate, Channels and Sample…

Deploy/Host a Streamlit app in Local Machine/Server using Nginx with SSL

Introduction & Agenda

Many blogs written about Deploying Streamlit Application on heroku, docker, AWS and Azure etc . I’ve noticed that, only a less number of blogs that said about the “How to deploy Streamlit app in Server using Nginx”. So, I took an interest on writing this.

Usually while deploying Flask, FastAPI…

Measure of Variability/Dispersion : Range, Variance and Standard Deviation, Why the Denominator (n-1) and numerator is Squared in Variance???


In this blog, we will understand the concepts of

  • Population & Sample
  • What is Measure of Variability/Dispersion???
  • Range
  • Variance for Population & Sample
  • Why the numerator is Squared in Variance???
  • Why the Denominator (n-1) in Sample Variance???
  • Standard Deviation for Population and Sample

Let’s get into Action . . …

We will cover Population and Sample, Parameter and Statistic, Population Mean and Sample Mean, Biased and Unbiased


In this blog, you will see about these topics in Statistics

  • Population & Sample
  • Parameter & Statistic
  • Population Mean & Sample Mean
  • Biased & Unbiased Estimator

Want to learn about Measure of Central Tendency and Measure of Variability. Here is the Blog for you. . .

Let’s get into Action…

Measure of Central Tendency — Mean, Median and Mode in Statistics — Indepth formula applied using sample data and python program

Measure of Central Tendency — Mean, Median and Mode

Why this Blog ?

Each and every blogs/tutorials telling their own aspects of Statistics and Mean, median and Mode concepts. Some of the Blogs may collapsing you to understand the concepts that I suffered a lot from my experience.

So, I took an interest on writing the “Clear Concepts Explained in Statistics” and also…

Install Xrdp (Remote Desktop) in Ubuntu 18.04 | 16.04 | 14.04

Why this tutorial ???

In these days, most people are doing “Work from Home” and need to connect to their System Remotely. So, they call the Infra team and setup the “Remote Desktop” to access the System. Actually, this is not a tedious task to setup this. We can also setup the “Remote Desktop”…

Serve files or Download files as output using Flask

Here we are going to see “How to Return Single File and Multiple Files with Flask using Python”

Why this tutorial ???

Sometimes you want to allow users to download reports or files from your website or application is an often required feature of any website or application. . . ,

Workaround cycle to Download the Files

Flask provides us…

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